Creative Social Entrepreneur#SDG's Influencer#Fashion Designer#Global Goodwill Ambassador


Visionary(strategic&forwad thinking),systematic thinker(assimilate,symplify&channel complex ideas) and result oriented innovator who has stood the test of time born on 2nd of February 1991. An advocate and influencer for SDG's focusing on goal 1,2,5,8,12,13,17. An innovator/creative apparel designer, who enjoy being challenged in order to come up with multiple solutions . Assert myself in things that I want to achieve and I don’t give up easily. Experienced Fashion Designer with a demonstrated zeal of working in the apparel and fashion industry holding a bachelors degree in Textile, Apparel Design and Management. Humanitarian, Advocate and Rising Influencer for United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Working very hard to raise awareness of, educate, facilitate and advance the Goals by supporting partnerships and networking. I have selected the world as a theatre for my own efforts and operations,I want people to be refreshed in my presence.My greatest reward is knowing that my work is making a difference to the lives of the marginalised groups. I have got a kind of grim determination and I never accept defeat. I am a five percenter,a winner, a success. 



Social entrepreneurs around the world have been unparalleled catalysts for social change. They use market-driven strategies to tackle critical social issues in brand new ways. Through non-profit, for-profit and hybrid enterprises, social entrepreneurs have promoted a broad range of solutions focused on sustainable development, decades before they were called ‘SDGs’. The real power of social entrepreneurs is their talent for identifying market failures that are holding humanity back, and their skill in tailoring and implementing solutions. These include providing clean water, access to renewable energy, financial inclusion, high-quality educational resources and critical information that allows life-giving agriculture to flourish.



A goodwill ambassador is a person who advocates for a specific cause (e.g. a country or an organisation) on the basis of their notability. Goodwill ambassadors generally deliver goodwill or promote ideals from one entity to another, or to a population. The term should be distinguished from the related concept of a brand ambassador, who plays a role in promoting a company or product through personal interaction. A goodwill ambassador may be an individual from one country who resides in or travels to another country, in a diplomatic mission (or international friendship mission) at a peer to peer level; that is: country to country, state to state, city to city; or, as an intermediary representing the people at the other extreme of an organization.



"We the people" are celebrated opening words of the charter of United Nations. It is "we the peoples" who are embarking today on the road to 2030.Our journey will involve Governments as well as parliaments,the UN systems and other international institutions,local authorities,indigeneous peoples,civil societies, business and the private sector, the scientific and academic community and all people. Millions have already engaged with and will own this agenda.It is an agenda of the people and for the people and this, we believe, will ensure its success.The future of humanity and of our planet lies in our hands.It also lies in the hands of today's younger generations who will pass the torch for the future generations. We have mapped the road to sustainable development, it will be for all of us to ensure that the journey is successful and it's gain is irreversible.